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Peru to invest $800 million to improve infrastructure in Puno


by Diego M. Ortiz

projects include rehabilitating multiple highway and building numerous bridges.

Peru’s president announced earlier this week that his government will invest about 2.22 billion soles or $800 million into construction and improvement of roads and bridges across the Puno region.

The money will be used on eight road and bridge projects, of which seven are in the pre-investment stage. In all, the government plans on building or rehabilitating about 1,496 km (930 miles) of highways and 57 bridges by 2016, according to a news release by from the Ministry of Transportation and Communication.

The projects on the slate in the region include the paving of the 31-mile Juliaca-Puno highway, which was declared to be of national interest by the Congress earlier this year. That project is estimated to cost about 280 million soles.

Additonally, Peru’s ProRegion program will represent 810 million soles in investment to rehabilitate the Puno-Desaguadero Highway, as well as the preinvestment studies for the Putina-Sandia-Bolivia border highway, located in the San Antonio de Putina and Sandia provinces.

The bridge improvements investments will focus on the construction of 13 modular bridges, in addition to 183 million soles for 42 bridges in the Melgar, Puno, El Callao, Chucuto and Azangaro provinces.


Taken from Peru This Week:


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