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Money spent on ready-to-go infrastructure projects will promote growth


Infrastructure projects will benefit the building industry for a number of years

7:00AM BST 10 Jul 2013

SIR – Boris Johnson’s article, “As Britain dithers, the rest of the world is getting things done” (Comment, July 7), makes valid points on the importance of infrastructure projects, such as High Speed 2, but these contracts will not benefit the building industry for a number of years.
What we really need is investment in “shovel-ready” projects that can make a difference to growth in the short term. Many of these projects have the ability to provide much-needed employment and jobs now. In fact, according to Construction Industry Training Board research, for every £100 million invested in repair and maintenance projects, 3,200 construction workers will be taken off the dole.
Funds are tight, but the Government should invest in growth now, rather than spending £8.1 billion a year on these same people who are out of work.

William Burton
Interim Chief Executive, Construction Industry Training Board
London EC1


SIR – For several years, the cost of high-speed rail has been stated as £33 billion, even though the extent of tunnelling has increased as a result of better engineering and consideration to the environment
HS2 has finally increased this figure to £43 billion, but this still makes no consideration of the escalation of costs by the time the project has been completed.
The final true “out-turn” cost will be nearer to £70 billion, as honestly stated by Boris Johnson, rather than the £43 billion reluctantly declared by HS2.

Derek Godfrey
Hughenden Valley, Buckinghamshire


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