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Colombia’s Buenaventura Container Terminal installs new cargo verification system


06 Mar 2013

First Latin American terminal equipped with new OCR systems

The Buenaventura Container Terminal (TCBuen), Colombia, has become the first Latin American container terminal to install new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) systems, Match Maker and DGPS (Differential GPS), on quay and yard cranes, as well as in processes of gate entry and exit.

The installation of the new cargo verification system, at a cost of US$3.5 million, began at the end of 2001 and was completed in December last year. The software optimises and allows real-time traceability of all containers entering and leaving the terminal, while capturing vehicle registration and weight.

The OCR system on the quay cranes, as well as at the gates, can recognise the alphanumeric container number every time the crane performs a movement. The system then checks with the internal Terminal Operating System (TOS) whether a container is scheduled and authorised for that operation.

The Match Maker system identifies the vehicles during loading or unloading of a container identified by the OCR, so that at all times the system checks all the loading cycles. It also controls the movements of trucks passing through the gate, ensuring maximum reliability in delivery and / or receipt of the container.

Finally, the DGPS confirms, via satellite, that movements of containers correspond with movements that have been assigned by TOS.

Moreover, TCBuen, part of Grup Maritim TCB has launched a pilot project for the SURESTOW system, which verifies positions of all containers aboard the ship via satellite. This innovative system will be implemented this March.


Taken from Port Technology International:


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