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It’s Really Happening: M-1 Rail Officially Granted $25M, Construction Should Begin This Year


Friday, January 18, 2013, by Paul Beshouri

Pop the champagne—it’s finally official: The M-1 Rail project will be the recipient of a $25 millon TIGER grant, putting the 3.3 mile streetcar line financially within reach. We were told earlier this month that M-1 would likely get the cash, but this is mass transit, and this is Detroit, so we won’t really trust any of it until we’re actually liveblogging from the train itself (which isn’t a joke…M-1 plans for onboard Wi-Fi). Regardless, workers should break ground later this year, meaning you’ll be getting our first onboard liveblog in late 2015, when officials hope to have the system up and running. We’ve found you another route map to salivate over, but this one has something extra: Our humble and loyal People Mover, patiently looping downtown for 26 years, will finally be made relevant.


Taken from Curbed:


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