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11th Latin American Leadership Forum

The 11th Latin American Leadership Forum will feature a dynamic, project-focused, infrastructure marketplace that bringing together 500+ leading executives from throughout Latin America and the world, key global and local policymakers, and public and private financial institutions for 2.5 days of:

  • Rapid Project Presentations. 50+ strategic projects, covering a range of sectors. Nominate projects to be presented in the upcoming 11th Latin American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum, and request your 2013 Strategic 100 LA today!
  • Pre-scheduled Private Meetings. Up to 12 per registrant. Forum attendees were able to meet one-on-one with project representatives and Forum Sponsors for targeted business development. Learn more.
  • Leading Keynotes. A high-level view of the infrastructure trajectory of Latin America in 2013, focused on short-term project opportunities, long-term competitiveness and opportunity creation.
  • Deep Dive Workshops. Sponsored sessions covering issues critical to infrastructure in the region. Download the agenda to review.

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